--- Comment #2 from Andrew Somerville <> ---
I really love heaptrack. Thank you so much for writing it/ and putting in so
much time!

The particular use case on my end is that we're using heaptrack for continuous
integration to compare successive versions of our software to detect heap
behavior changes.

I don't know about others, but I'd be ok with API and ABI changing often as
long the version number incremented such that incompatibilities can be known to

Using the current text output requires that we develop/test a parser that we
are confident is correct and then create data-structures to parse into to
re-consume the data. That seems wasteful/undesirable considering before it's
printed it's already in well structured objects.

Another possible alternative would be a printer which outputs to a standard
output format that already has easily available parsers, like yaml, or json.
Such a change would add a dependency on a yaml or json parser library unless it
was formatted by hand. 

>From a practical standpoint for myself, we can produce a custom version of
heaptrack which exports the interfaces we care about rather than depending on
the official version, but I can imagine other might also benefit.

I can offer to make a patch for such an output if it would be

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