--- Comment #7 from Alexey Min <> ---
(In reply to Sergio from comment #6)
> I am getting news from the mesa tracker that someone tested the kwin patch.
> Unfortunately, the kwin patch does not seem to be sufficient to solve the
> issue without the xorg workaround.

I guessed so, because I only fixed wayland session.
For more information I need more debug logs from kwin_x11 launch from you.
You'll need to start kwin_x11 with debug output enabled. Easiest way to do it
is reboot into text mode (clean way: systemctl disable sddm; systemctl reboot;
or just systemctl stop sddm), login as your user, then execute something like:

$ QT_LOGGING_RULES="kwin*.debug=true"  startx /usr/bin/startkde 2&> log.txt

And see if there is something useful in log.txt after exit.

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