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Weird, I cannot reproduce the crash in any possible way I tried :(

The most possible sequence of a crash is:

1) #12 KisPaintDevice::createThumbnail() asks current KisPaintDeviceData object
for a cache object and requests this cache object to get a thumbnail for it.

2) In the meantime some other code in some other thread deletes this
KisPaintDeviceData object, and therefore the cache object as well

3) #11 KisPaintDeviceCache::createThumbnail() doesn't know it has just been
deleted and continues to generate a thumbnail, requesting an already invalid
m_paintDevice pointer, which finally causes a crash.

The problem is that I cannot see any way, how point 2) can happen. Neither
m_data, not m_lodData are ever deleted throughout the lifetime of a paint
device. Only frames are deleted, but Pablo says he didn't use animation that

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