Bug ID: 392958
           Summary: "Select a Color" Pop-up Widgets Inconsistent/Buggy
           Product: krita
           Version: git master
          Platform: Compiled Sources
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Color Selectors
  Target Milestone: ---

[This issue is similar to, but
instead of relating to the pop-up palette, this has to do with the "Select a
Color" pop-up window.]

The "Select a Color" pop-up window currently feels a lot worse than most other
parts of the Krita GUI and doesn't control in a way that's consistent with
other similar tools (like the Advanced Color Selector, or the Pop-up Palette's
color selector). There seems to be two main reasons for this:

1.) The "Advanced Color Selector" docker has a very nice user-experience
feature where the current selecton of it's internal widgets (the hue ring, the
saturation/value triangle, as well as the fine HSV adjustment sliders towards
the bottom) tries to follow the position of the cursor, even when the cursor
leaves the widget area or the docker altogether. 

This type of behavior feels great and can be found all over Krita. However, the
"Select a color" pop-up window (that appears when you click on your current
foreground/background colors) currently doesn't seem to have this behavior and,
as such, feels a lot worse. As it is right now, the instant your cursor leaves
the widget area (for example the hue ring) the selection stops following. The
result is that the controls in the "Select a Color" window feel 'sticky' and it
can actually be difficult to move the selection to the precise place where you
want it (especially in the corners of the saturation/value triangle).

2.) The second issue is that the "Select a Color" window seems to lag a little
bit, or rather, the GUI seems to refresh/update less frequently. This further
adds to the rough and choppy feeling.

Linked above is a video clip showing the difference in behavior/performance
between the "Advanced Color Picker" and the "Select a Color" window.

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