Bug ID: 392969
           Summary: timeline autocaching interrupts canvas update
           Product: krita
           Version: 4.0
          Platform: Other
                OS: MS Windows
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Animation
  Target Milestone: ---

14:22:30 - Bollebib_Laptop: raghukamath: no dont have that
14:23:00 - Bollebib_Laptop: finally might have found the possible reason for
"bug" that annoys me to no end!
14:23:35 - Bollebib_Laptop: when isolate layer is on,i often flip between 2
layers,and then it stutters for 5 seconds
14:23:48 - Bollebib_Laptop: sometimes longer
14:23:50 - Bollebib_Laptop: and the canvas doesnt update
14:24:10 - Bollebib_Laptop: it seems that this happense because krita is
autocaching the whole animation
14:24:22 - Bollebib_Laptop: in stead of interrupting it like it should
14:26:22 - Bollebib_Laptop: i"ll report that this afternoon

i often work with isolate layer mode on.
Sometimes when i flip between 2 different layers, the canvas doesnt update

apparantly this always happens when i see krita autocaching the whole timeline.

untill the cache is done (the grey bars reach the end of the timeline) the
canvas doesnt uupdate when flipping between layers

this should not happen,canvas should always take precedence over caching.

i can even make a video if needed bu i think its easy to understand now i know
why this happens.

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