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> I do not know if I understand the bug report correctly. Why should not these
> fields appear in a template for editing? Imagine being an event photographer
> and taking photos of events in different cities. With a template you can
> quickly add the places. Or because the fields in the right sidebar are only
> readable? We already have the Bug 302527. Otherwise you can edit this
> information in the Metadata Editor individually.
> Maik

I just looked over that bug report. I did not find it when I searched. Which I
did before I submitted mine. 

All of the comments appear to be about this issue. And I would comment that it
has been discussed since at least 2012 (and version 2.x). With many other bug
reports in that thread being marked as duplicates of it.

I have been a professional for 22 years. And have taught digital asset
management (and raw image editing) to college students. This is a huge
stumbling block to being able to use this software in a professional manor. 

Thanks for pointing me to that report.

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