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> large images would take a lot of zooming before you see pixels
Are you sure about that? If I'm not mistaken, the zoom levels are split in two
groups: Below 100% (let's ignore that for now, because it is not relevant for
interpolation), and above 100%. In the latter case, zooming a tiny PNG icon and
a huge JPG camera image to 1600% both result in the same on-screen size of an
individual pixel, i.e. the image dimensions don't affect the zoom levels

IMO the decision to pixelate should be based the on-screen size of an
individual pixel, which for Gwenview directly correlates with the zoom level.
If we want to get fancy, we could also account for the user's DPI settings or
default font size, but let's not get into that for now.

I'd say what should be done here is some tweaking of the threshold. reworked the zoom levels a bit, maybe we also
need to adapt the threshold accordingly? Hm, I should probably just play around
a bit and see what threshold I likeā€¦

> ending up with three options
I'm afraid then we'd also end up with an image viewer which is not simple
anymore ;)

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