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> Uh, what happened? There were two other bug reports on incorrect media icon.
> Mine bug report was marked as a duplicate of:
> Now 395485 have been marked as duplicate of this bug here but this has
> status: unresolved invalid.
> WHAT???
> This is still an issue and here is only sparse discussion about adapta theme.
> So far only Breeze, Breeze Dark, Breeze Light has corrent media icon.
> Adapta, Breath, Maia, Andromeda, Air, Oxygen and all other themes show this
> incorrect, black (color isn't changing based on light or dark theme), square
> off looking icon.
> Many distros comes with dark panel and then dark media icon becomes
> invisible. So far many users reported this issue and so far this has been
> circling to resolved, invalid status?
> Looks like someone incorrectly pointed 395485 bug to this as this thread
> wasn't well processed.
> Since Plasma 5.13 update all non-breeze themes are broken and no one seems
> to care or do I read it wrong? Many people having problem with it (I put
> links to topics on mine and other threads) and this circled back to here.

Original bug reporter here. I labeled this report as resolved invalid because
my assumption was simply wrong.

As for the other reports - only a few desktop themes have been updated for the
new media icons so you need to ask the people who make those themes to update
them. Another thing to look out for is that some may have updated it but the
distro packages are lagging behind (happened to me with Arc). If you know both
the theme and the package have been updated, but you still have these issues,
you can try removing the cache and make sure you dont have versions installed
from Get New Stuff.

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