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I'm also a maintainer of some themes and this is puzzling to me.

So if I get it right, Plasma 5.13 broke the themes compatibility on purpose? If
so, why isn't there any clear info how to fix it? This way 99% of available
themes have just broken media icon. This is a really bad decision and should be
somehow either fixed upstream of communicated officilally like:

"Since Plasma 5.13 we had to change X due to reason Y and that resulted in
(issue Z), Please update your themes to make it compatible with the Plasma
5.13+ by doing this:"

>From what I can tell, correct icon is in my theme and others but system is not
reading it as before. Also, so far for me there is no other theme that would
fix it, despite many, many theme updates lately. With each update I hoped to
see Arc or Breath fixed to ask what they did but nothing.
I went through "get new" and uninstalled those themes and seems as if I have
them only from packages and yet the bug is still present. Where is this theme
cache you are talking about? I don't have any other themes in
~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ aside mines. Rest is installed from Manjaro
repo which is pulled from Arch repo. This is all very confusing and badly
resolved IMO.

And now we don't even have valid bug thread about it since this one was
narrowed down to Adapta which wasn't even the bug itself. It was about all
themes compatibility break.

Also, I don't understand how this one could have been "the original thread"
since this was posted on 2018-08-02 08:13:04 UTC, while others ones were

This was was way earlier:

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