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> It would save a lot of developer time if not everyone would add their "me
> too" comments.
> Changes to the database are planned, but this is not trivial. One structure
> may work well for a number of cases and cause huge problems for others.
> These changes have to be evaluated, for performance and for correctness.
> The baloo codebase has been enhanced with additional unit tests recently,
> increasing code coverage and reducing the chance for regressions. This is an
> ongoing effort likely taking several more months until completeted.
> Baloo is currently developed mostly by volunteers doing it in their spare
> time. Development will not go faster by adding some more exclamations marks
> ...

Dear Developers,

I am supremely grateful for all the work and efforts that have gone into the
indexing services for KDE. If I had the skills I would join you. I just glanced
at the Git repo and realised how unskilled I am to contribute; I couldn't even
find the schema. Baloo has improved greatly. 

However, I do wish to say please don't discourage well intentioned feedback.
Without feedback from users about their actual problems encountered future
priorities may not be as readily identified. As a long term KDE user,
enthusiast and advocate feedback is one of my most important contributions.
This thread follows from which
was started in 2014. I am only making my first comment now. The performance
issues have been a problem to me for all this time and I went for a long season
with baloo permanently off!

Do let me know if there is anything concrete I can contribute more than what I
offer in these comments.

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