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The way krita works when you paint in the offcanvas area is to paint "behind"
the gray area. you can see how this is a problem working on background layers
and Blending.

1. Create new image and delete the top layer
2. Fill background with a non color white
3. Use move tool and reveal white.
4. to avoid white. Select Rectangular tool and use an eraser brush to fillover
the gray area near the edge.
5 Now blend and you should get alpha not white as blended color.

What to do now? generate some content in that border.

When painting just paint outside in the gray area so you put pixel data outside
the border. If a complex image is already done: Mirror your edge contents or
grow a copy of your image to fill those edges.

1. Duplicate current layer
2. Scale duplicated to grow over the edge a little.
3. Set dublipated layer below
4. Merge both layers.

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