Bug ID: 407537
           Summary: [corrupted kra file] One of my *.kra saved with 4.2
                    behaves differently than other
           Product: krita
           Version: 4.2.0-alpha
          Platform: Appimage
                OS: Linux
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: File formats
  Target Milestone: ---


This afternoon, I drew many things with
krita-4.2.0-alpha-ca5aeb7-x86_64.appimage and saved many *.kra files. No issue
in particular, exept for the last file here:

- Dolphin can't generate a thumbnail for it, while I never had a problem with
other kra.
- Nomacs (my viewer) can't preview the *.kra, while I never had a problem with
other kra too.
- Krita 4.1x can't read it (invalid file), while ok for other kra...
- I can open it in 4.2x; but when I "save as" it does the same type of file
each time.

So, I guess something is wrong with this *.kra file. Two paint layers, one
group; nothing complex. I checked with Ark (unzip app), it has thumbnail,
mergedimage.png. I can't figure why it is not a standard *.kra file. (Note:
zip64 unchecked in *.kra preferences.) Thanks for the help!

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