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I have seen this bug in an older version of Plasmashell, on Arch Linux. Not
sure what triggered it, but often the autohide just broke so that no matter
what was done, the panel just would not autohide. Sometimes (but not always)
there were various other glitches with the panel (such as: system tray icons
breaking in various ways, or sometimes the panel would just hang). However
sometimes behaviour described by OP was the only issue, I've definitely seen
it. And the other issues might have just been separate / by chance, but I got
the gut feeling they most often coincided.

However these buggy, clearly broken (i.e. not working as programmed /
intended), were gone after some upgrade. Currently using plasmashell 5.15.5 on
Arch Linux, perhaps openSUSE is lacking behind?

OP: Considering my above hypothesis is right: can you test a newer version on
OpenSUSE? Have you reported this at OpenSUSE bug tracker?

Bug #394119 is certainly a separate issue, as it is about issues with autohide
even when it is working as intended by the programmers / design (which is
broken IMHO).

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