Bug ID: 410929
           Summary: "Fit to Height" shortcut not possible (possible bug,
                    possible wishlist feature?)
           Product: krita
           Version: 4.2.5
          Platform: unspecified
                OS: All
            Status: REPORTED
          Severity: minor
          Priority: NOR
         Component: General
  Target Milestone: ---

Created attachment 122133
Illustration of wide canvas showing workflow of 'fit to height' request

Currently, Krita has the ability to "fit to width" (hotkey: 3). But it seems
there isn't a way to "fit to height" of canvas.

No steps to reproduce. Functionality isn't in place yet. (Hence the possibility
that this is a wishlist issue rather than a dug report.)

No way to fit the canvas to the screen using HEIGHT as the measure.

While working on a wide canvas (eg, 1000 pixels high by 6000 wide), I would
like to press a hotkey, and have the canvas resize so that the 1000 pixels fill
my screen from top to bottom, using the cursor position as the centre of the

This would be similar to the current functionality of pressing the '3' key,
which, in the example dimension above, would resize the screen view such that
the 6000 pixel dimension would fit the screen from left to right. (One notable
difference here is that the "fit to width" function zooms to the centre of the
canvas, not to the centre of the cursor.)

Windows: 10
Linux: Zorin 15

(As far as I know, this is in all versions. I have the same issues on my Win 10
machine, and a Linux Zorin 15 machine.)

This functionality is needed for keeping track of where I am on a canvas. In my
work as a live digital sketchnoter, I draw live interpretations of what people
say in meetings and conferences.

This means I usually prepare a very wide canvas, with a prepared background
image, and logo and various things. This would be on the left of my canvas.
Since my window is just a normal sized window, I want the height of the canvas

I'm attaching a pic showing roughly what I mean.

In the pic, I show a very wide canvas (1000 high by 6000 pixels wide), with the
Krita UI superimposed over it, showing a view that is 1000 pixels high by 2000
pixels wide. It's showing what's going on on the left hand side of the wide

Over the course of a talk, I would draw something, perhaps zooming in on a
detail, (eg, the speech bubble that says, "Fit to height?"), and then zoom back
to the height of the canvas again so that the audience could see the "full"
view (ie, 1000 by 2000 pixels). 

Once I'm done with that first part of the canvas, I would use the space key to
drag along to the middle part of the canvas, showing the blank central portion.
I would then draw in that. Zooming in and out as needed for showing details.

Right now, there is no way for my to instantly hit the height. I have to
manually scroll zoom to the height using my mouse wheel. 

In the illustration, I've also shown the centre of canvas, and the centre of
cursor. Currently, the '3' key fits to width, using the centre of the canvas as
the mapping point for the height. What it SHOULD ideally do for this workflow
is to use the centre of cursor for the mapping, so that the zoom keeps the
image in place, and just fixes the width. The "fit to height" functionality
should use centre of cursor, not centre of canvas.

I hope this explanation makes sense. I've marked it as minor, cos I'm sure not
all users have this need. For me, it's mission critical, but for typical users,
it's trivial, and probably not even needed. It would be amazing if you could do
something like this though!

Thanks for reading my lengthy report!

Blue skies

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