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--- Comment #2 from Alexander M. <> ---
(Most of this info, the fix included, is courtesy of the nice people discussing
it at

This isn't a KDE bug but a udisks2/libmount one and ultimately a ntfs3 one. It
does indeed happen because the new ntfs3 driver does not support the
'windows_names' flag, for the time being at least (ntfs3 upstream have
commented that it's a good and necessary flag for dual-booting with Windows, so
in the near future they'll probably be looking into implementing it), but the
flag is passed by default when trying to mount the filesystem via udisks2 (as
Dolphin does in the background), so it will fail to mount.

If you have udisks2 2.9.4+, as a temporary fix you can create the file
/etc/udisks2/mount_options.conf with the following contents:


...and you'll be set.

For udisks 2.9.3 and earlier, because it lacks the necessary logic to recognize
and use the ntfs3 driver in the first place, you apparently can "patch" the
support in by also creating the file /etc/udev/rules.d/ntfs3.rules with the
following contents:

SUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{ID_FS_TYPE}=="ntfs", ENV{ID_FS_TYPE}="ntfs3"

In this case, /etc/udisks2/mount_options.conf should also include some extra
stuff added with udisks2 2.9.4 for ntfs3 to work properly:


Do keep in mind that these fixes will force-disable the 'windows_names' flag,
which has the potential to cause you some pain if you dual-boot with Windows
and mount the NTFS partitions.

Anyway, hopefully this mess will be resolved upstream soon, by either ntfs3
implementing 'windows_names' or at least udisks2 (or even better libmount)
implementing these overrides by default.

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