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This bug has been hampering my productivity for a long time. It has been
consistently repeatable for me under multiple versions of Mint KDE on multiple
laptops and also in VirtualBox. I've watched this page with baited breath
hoping for a real fix. I even tried the patch, but must have done something
wrong because then it wouldn't save my configuration changes; I spent months
reconfiguring Yakuake every time I had to reboot just because this
small-seeming detail is such an obnoxiously distracting impediment to my

Today it finally occurred to me to just mess with relevant-seeming settings,
looking for a workaround. In the Yakuake configuration under Window, turning
off "Ask the window manager to perform the animation" seemed to prevent the
issue at first, but I could still trigger it occasionally if I spammed the
toggle key as fast as I can (tensing my arm isometrically so it shakes at
around 10 Hz). Note that I had the duration set to 100 or 150 at different
times. Then I set the duration to 0, but that just makes KDE do a fade effect
by default. So I also disabled Fade under Desktop Effects in KDE's System
Settings, and I am now completely unable to trigger the bug. Maybe it fixes the
shortcut problems too, I hadn't ever noticed that one so I couldn't say.

I did observe in the course of this, that the bug appears to trigger more often
if I toggle it again while the last animation is still occurring, and also if I
release the alt key between each toggle (my shortcut is alt+grave). I wanted to
disable the fade effect for the Yakuake window only, but didn't see an obvious
way to do that through the GUI. I saw a way to disable all compositing for the
Yakuake window under Window Rules in the Window Management settings, but
transparency is also often important to my workflow. I also tried the various
focus-giving/receiving/stealing options in the same area with no noticeable
impact on the bug.

I hope this helps devs narrow down the actual cause, and saves users like me
from ending up in a psych ward until that happens.

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