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The problem with disclosing the real MAC address at "untrusted" locations -
even if visited frequently - still exists regardless of traveling. I believe
NetworkManager already has something in the works here.

The traveling use case will be familiar to anyone who goes abroad. The open
networks are plentiful, but a lot of them require (mobile)
registration/payment, and foreign names are not always clear, therefore it's
not possible to find a good network at first try. You mentioned that the period
of inconvenience is short, but it is also critical, because in the traveling
network use case the computer would be on battery power and internet access
needed ASAP. Granted, I am not sure how many people use a computer on the go
these days.

Perhaps there doesn't exist a "one size fits all" solution, but I believe that
the travelling use case is still valid (if niche). Therefore, it would make
everyone happy if on first connection, the password dialog was replaced with
the actual connection dialog. This would solve:
- the inverted workflow (configure after connecting is bad)
- privacy issues (user can choose to randomize MAC before connecting)
- travelling use case
- custom network configuration

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