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Portage reemerged libxcb, mesa and last xorg-server with this specific order
but the problem persists.

equery b  
 * Searching for ... 
dev-util/apitrace-7.1 (/usr/lib64/apitrace/wrappers/ ->
media-libs/mesa-12.0.3 (/usr/lib32/ ->
media-libs/mesa-12.0.3 (/usr/lib64/ ->
media-libs/mesa-12.0.3 (/usr/lib64/

file symbolic link to

file symbolic link to

file ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV),
dynamically linked, stripped

At first I though that there had to be some kind of inconsistency with the
naming scheme of the symlinks. But every symlink exists and points where it
should be. 

Below I provide the LD_DEBUG outputs relevanto dri3 from these two appimages
(5.0.0-1 and 5.0.1)

LD_DEBUG="files" ./kdevelop-latest.AppImage 2>&1 | tee | grep xcb-dri3
     11109: [0];  needed by /usr/lib64/ [0]
     11109: [0];  generating link map
     11109:     calling init: /usr/lib64/
     11132: [0];  needed by /usr/lib64/ [0]
     11132: [0];  generating link map
     11132:     calling init: /usr/lib64/
     11135: [0];  needed by /usr/lib64/ [0]
     11135: [0];  generating link map
     11135:     calling init: /usr/lib64/
     11109:     calling fini: /usr/lib64/ [0]
     11135:     calling fini: /usr/lib64/ [0]
     11132:     calling fini: /usr/lib64/ [0]
the whole output ( )

LD_DEBUG="files" ./KDevelop-5.0.1-x86_64.AppImage 2>&1 | tee | grep xcb-dri
     11225: [0];  needed by /usr/lib64/ [0]
     11225: [0];  generating link map
     11225:     /usr/lib64/ error: symbol lookup error:
undefined symbol: xcb_send_request_with_fds (fatal)
kdevelop: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol:

And system-installed kdevelop:
LD_DEBUG="files" /usr/bin/kdevelop
     12432: [0];  needed by /usr/lib64/ [0] [0];  generating link map
     12432:EBUG=calling init: /usr/lib64/
     12440: [0];  needed by /usr/lib64/
     12440: [0];  generating link map
     12440:     calling init: /usr/lib64/

The same command, with the same (in some way) executables, and the same (?)
libraries provided. Why there is this inconsistency in the behavior?

PS I even tried to recompile libxcb, mesa and xorg without -ggdb, but of course
this wasn't an issue.

PS1. I tried to create the output of LD_DEBUG="all" for the 5.0.0-1 version,
but soon enough the log size was over 170MB. No way this thing can be uploaded
with my internet connection. If it is necessary though, let me know.

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