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> First, you mention Manjaro, but the link is for ArchLinux.  Is that correct?
> I can imagine possible issues using an Arch package on Manjaro if any
> dependent packages have been compiled differently between the two systems. 
> My memories of issues with symbols beginning with _Z are all Windows
> related, but in any case related to compiling/linking.
> I would suggest reporting to a Manjaro forum or mailing list.

Thanks for the quick reply. I just downloaded the package from the ArchLinux
page listed, and compared it to the package downloaded from the Manjaro
community repository and confirmed that they share the same md5sum. i.e.:
   Both of which have md5sum: 49ed9b60dc03ef5d05d2d59bff0b57bb

So in this instance, ArchLinux is the correct downstream forum for addressing
bugs, even though their packages are being reused by Manjaro. Manjaro doesn't
even have a bugtracker for this or most other packages, for instance.

As to whether this is an upstream issue to be addressed here on the KDE bug
tracker, or downstream with Arch, I am uncertain.

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