--- Comment #8 from Nico Kruber <> ---
Hi Wolfgang, I tried deleting ~/.kde4/share/apps/kile/kileui.rc but this does
not change the behaviour I observe: whenever I use the package from KDE:Extra
(openSUSE 13.2, x86_64), the changed shortcut is written to this file but
apparently not read during startup.

I can send you the whole file but since the newly (automatically) created file
also shows this, here's the interesting part after changing the shortcut:

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE kpartgui SYSTEM 'kpartgui.dtd'>
<kpartgui version="41" name="kile">
 <ActionProperties scheme="Default">
  <Action shortcut="Ctrl+B" name="tool_QuickBuild"/>

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