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(In reply to pinheiro from comment #42)
> Wolfgang Bauer, you are absolutely right, looks horrible there.... not
> exactly my fault, the air icons are supposed to be minimalist wen
> applications mix oxygen icons in plasma are things can go wrong. Like an svg
> that is part of plasma theme having oxygen icons that cant even be well
> rendered by QT-SVG.

I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing here.
The new SVG is rendered fine, but as I understand it, those
minimalist/monochromic icons are only to be used in the system tray, aren't

But view-history is used by the application launcher, and the other icons are
colorful as can be seen in my screenshot (exactly like they were in KDE4).
That's the only thing I mean here.

If Kickoff looks "horrible" to you, it may be because of bug#365204, in short
some of the icons are "broken" currently and Plasma falls back to the icon
theme then.
Should not be a problem if you use the "Oxygen" icon theme though (that's what
I did in my screenshot).

My doubt is whether it's a good idea to replace view-history with a
simplicistic version though instead of just keeping the old one.

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