--- Comment #44 from pinheiro <> ---
 Wolfgang Bauer svg is a great format its what we used for oxygen icons, now
there we used pretty much the full svg speck think blur filter multiply
filters, masks, clippings etc, now qt svg renderer can only do a small portion
of the svg wc3 speck, so if svg is the source for the rendering it needs to be
simple, this made the distinction easy (plus the fact that svg rendering is not
super fast), air stuff was to be minimal and simplistic were in oxygen
iconography as we prerendered everything we could do what ever we wanted....

So  if an svg plasma theme file contains a oxygen icon source that is bad and
probably wont work well. i would much rather prefer that  Kickoff looks for the
oxygne png files in the size it wants, than trying to use an svg file.

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