Bug ID: 371018
           Summary: CPP parser responds very slow after user action
           Product: kdevelop
           Version: 5.0.2
          Platform: Other
                OS: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: NOR
         Component: Language Support: CPP (Clang-based)

CPP parser responds in couple seconds for helper tool or for simple commenting
For example 
applying comment:for one line in file (~30kb) from:
- my project takes about 3 seconds
-  kdevelop takes about 4 seconds
Similar time I get for helper tool. I need to wait couple seconds! This is not
much comfortable behavior comparing to my hardware (check end this report).

In my opinion this is serious regression comparing to kdevelop-4.7.x, where
application responds in less than 1 second.
I tested kdevelp-4.7.3 on Mageia 5 distribution where all are working on Sandy
Bridge i5-2410M

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open project kdevelop
2. Wait till kdevduchain cache finishes its building
3. Open file following file:
4. Jump to line: 193
In my version of kdevelop source this points to inside of loop for function:
CMakeManager::targets(). Please check below all function:
QList<KDevelop::ProjectTargetItem*> CMakeManager::targets() const
    QList<KDevelop::ProjectTargetItem*> ret;
    foreach(IProject* p, m_projects.keys())
    return ret;

I comment line starting with: "ret+="

Actual Results:  
need to wait at least 3 seconds for applying comment (changing color this line)

Expected Results:  
applying comment (changing color this line) should take less than 1 seconds (at
least on processor compared to i5 Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge).

My hardware is following: SkyLake i7-6700 + SSD m4 Crucial 128GB. I observe the
same behavior (the need of waiting couple seconds on respond) on Sandy Bridge
i5-2410M  + HDD.

My settings for "Background parser" are following:
- checked: "Enabled Background Parser"
- Delay: 500ms
- Maximum Number of threads

My settings for "Clang Language Support" are following:
all checked, so:
- Add macros to code-completion
- Enable Look-ahead code-completion
- Forward declare assistant

I tested on version (day of build: 2016/10/17):

Running environment:  Plasma 5.8.1, Qt-5.7.0, KF-5.27, kernel 4.7.6-1-ARCH
Distribution Antergos (up-to-date).

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