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I have a similar problem with korganizer 4.14.7, on kubuntu 15.04. The time
zone for both my system and korganizer is set to EST (UTC-4h), and so is the
time zone in my google calendar. 

When I import a calendar from google, all events that occur only once are
displayed correctly in the agenda view in korganizer. However, when I try to
edit one of those events, the time is shown for UTC instead of EST. For
example, the agenda is showing an event from 1pm-2pm EST (which is correct),
but when I try to edit this event, it shows 5pm-6pm UTC instead. This is not
much of an issue and can be solved by just changing both the time and time zone
to what it should be.

For recurring events, it's different: There, the time zone is set correctly to
EST, however, the imported times are all wrong. Some events are shifted by 4,
others by 5 hours. For example, I have two events displayed at 3pm-4pm EST, but
actually one of them should be from 10am-11am and the other from 11am to 12pm.

Exporting events from korganizer to google works fine.

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