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Git commit b46e7db264c8aaf111c89cbe2d3128f2d1041ca4 by Dmitry Kazakov.
Committed on 18/10/2016 at 17:59.
Pushed by dkazakov into branch 'master'.

Fix the Predefined Brushes

The problem is that we share a single KisBrush object across the entire
Krita. Therefore, if we start writing into the settings object and some
other code will get notifications that "something has changed", that other
location may override some settings in the shared KisBrush. Therefore we
will continue to write wrong values to the brush.

Therefore now we postpone all the updates of the settings object until the
entire write operation is completed. The postponing is implemented using a
special KisPaintOpPreset::UpdatedPostponer class that uses the interface
of updates proxy to do the stuff

Fixes T3925

M  +15   -0    libs/image/brushengine/kis_paintop_preset.cpp
M  +14   -0    libs/image/brushengine/kis_paintop_preset.h
M  +34   -2    libs/image/brushengine/kis_paintop_settings_update_proxy.cpp
M  +17   -0    libs/image/brushengine/kis_paintop_settings_update_proxy.h
M  +12   -1    libs/ui/

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