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As if it's contagious: I had another one of these crashes in KDevelop, with
5.27.0 installed.

And then just now dolphin5 crashed on me when I tried to suppress a file (with
Shift-Del to delete it without going through the wastebin).

This puts up a notification ("are you sure") and plays the same alert sound as
KDevelop will play, I think because the "Warning Message" from the Plasma
Workspace notifications is triggered. On my end that plays
Oxygen-Sys-Warning.ogg .

I didn't get a usable backtrace from Dolphin, but when I reopened the folder in
question I noticed that
- the file was still there (=> the crash happened during the notification)
- when I repeated the same action, it was then that I realised a sound was
being played, because this time I didn't hit the Enter key as soon as I saw the
dialog appear.

So I think we may be looking at something akin to GUI widgets being deleted
while events are still pending (or can still be generated for them) because of
`delete widget;` instead using `widget->deleteLater();`. It's weird that this
would be required for alerts with an asynchronous nature (which sound alerts
have by definition if they play through a sound daemon?), but I presume this
could be a side-effect of providing an application's widget as the parent for a
QObject inherited by a (hypothetical) KNotifications instance.

I hope I'm not rambling too much here, but this would explain the random nature
of the crash: it depends on system load and to what extent the sound alert can
be processed sufficiently to be able to cope with its infrastructure being
taken down under its feet. With the dolphin crash I just had something like
this was clearly going on: the laptop had just been woken from sleep, no sounds
had been played yet, it was updating the locate and/or apt databases (etc), so
pulseaudio must have taken just long enough to be swapped in to allow me to
accept the warning message before the alert sound had even started to play.

Another potentially relevant observation: I use the VLC phonon backend (latest
version, git master/head).

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