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(In reply to RJVB from comment #69)
> So I think we may be looking at something akin to GUI widgets being deleted
> while events are still pending (or can still be generated for them) because
> of `delete widget;` instead using `widget->deleteLater();`. It's weird that
> this would be required for alerts with an asynchronous nature (which sound
> alerts have by definition if they play through a sound daemon?), but I
> presume this could be a side-effect of providing an application's widget as
> the parent for a QObject inherited by a (hypothetical) KNotifications
> instance.
> I hope I'm not rambling too much here, but this would explain the random
> nature of the crash: it depends on system load and to what extent the sound
> alert can be processed sufficiently to be able to cope with its
> infrastructure being taken down under its feet. With the dolphin crash I
> just had something like this was clearly going on: the laptop had just been
> woken from sleep, no sounds had been played yet, it was updating the locate
> and/or apt databases (etc), so pulseaudio must have taken just long enough
> to be swapped in to allow me to accept the warning message before the alert
> sound had even started to play.

The system that I experienced my most recent crash on is used as a buildbox and
was building Firefox when the crash happened.  System load was high and my wait
time was low; I hit Alt+F4 and immediately Alt+D to 'D'iscard the unsaved
changes in KWrite.  I'm not sure the dialogue even popped.

> Another potentially relevant observation: I use the VLC phonon backend
> (latest version, git master/head).

I'm not running -HEAD, but I am running Phonon-VLC as well - version 0.9.0

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