I will go, so I'm stepping up to help.

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017, 20:04 Eike Hein <h...@kde.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Berlin, Germany will once again host a Qt World Summit this year, on
> October 10th through 12th. This follows on from the Qt Contributor
> Summit on October 9th and 10th.
> As in previous years, we want KDE To have a strong presence at this
> event, which draws much of the wider Qt community. We're an important
> part of the community and we make lots of things that are interesting
> and useful to Qt developers, so we should be there. It's a great
> opportunity to network as well as watch some interesting talks.
> I've stepped up to coordinate KDE's presence at QtWS this year. Sune,
> who has done it in recent years, is a little to busy this year and
> will be number #2.
> As usual we're going to have table space in the booth area (I did
> some shifts there during QtWS'15, which was a thoroughly good time),
> where we want to promote our products, engage people and answer
> products.
> We also want KDE to appear as a community partner again, and if
> possible place promo materials around the event (e.g. in the
> attendee bag, have our logo slapped on things, etc).
> And since The Qt Company is allowing our team to attend QtWS for
> free, we will likely also chip in with running the event again, e.g.
> by chairing some of the talks on the schedule.
> To make all of this happen we'll need the following:
> - Helpers! Who wants to be an awesome person and go to QtWS and rep
>   KDE there? Who can make it to Berlin in the timeframe? (I know
>   there's a KDE Edu sprint and a Blue Systems dev sprint going on,
>   so no excuses! :P)
>   Everyone interested and willing to commit please speak up, or get
>   in touch with me directly. You will be able to express a pre-
>   ference for booth and talk chairing duty which we'll try to
>   respect when drawing up the duty roster. You'll get lots of karma
>   bonus points if you're willing to help with booth setup and tear
>   down.
>   There will be a limit to how many people we can send, so please
>   don't be upset if we can't bring you along in the end. But please
>   do try!
>   If travel/accomodation expenses would be the only thing keeping
>   you, get in touch and we can look into that.
> - Figure out what we want to show at the booth this year. Who wants
>   to make cool demo loops or slides?
> - Make promo materials. We'll need to review and update our posters
>   (if anyone has the 2015/2016 posters, please link them in reply)
>   and flyers. And do it early enough so we can get them refined and
>   printed in time. Jens Reuterberg has promised to help make things
>   look great!
> Cheers,
> Eike

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