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PS: on the importance of emojis and (animated) stickers: I can see
why people want them for friends and family, I love the sticker packs
I have on Telegram. But why it is mandatory in a somewhat more
professional environment is a bit beyond me, people also still use
e-mail despite it neither supporting stickers nor emojis (Well,
unless html mails, but thank god that at least there we agree that it
is an abomination)
It's just that young people do _not_ use email unless absolutely
forced to. There is a reason why it can take days until someone replies to an email on the VDG mailing list, while the various Telegram groups
the VDG is in are buzzing with activity. Or why my coworkers
(professional environment, but a gaming company so predominantly people younger than me) hardly ever send an email but do everything on Slack.
Emoji certainly are not the only reason for that, but they are an
important contributor to making communication on Telegram or Slack feel
more natural than fun than email. Email is not fun at all.

I meant ore natural _and_ fun than email, of course. And here we have
thing feature I sorely miss whenever I have to use one of the old
communication protocols: The ability to edit my messages.

Culture, again: this is a feature that nowadays I don't miss anymore (and I prefer to enforce non-repudation). Even if I'd find better when a bugtracker (for example) allows you to edit the subject, or with any communication system I see the advantage of fixing some typos, it's a system that can easily mess if people don't just limit themselves to trivial changes but start changing the sentence or adding more details. You may not understand anymore the flow of the conversation, and I've seen it in our own forums, even if rarely.

Unless of course the history of the changes is visible, but that's not exactly available and it defeats the point of fixing the typos.


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