While I generally agree with your feeling that the feeling for IRC was a bit 
negative, I disagree here:

Il 10 agosto 2017 22:34:19 EEST, Christian Loosli <k...@fuchsnet.ch> ha scritto:

>If people want to switch themselves: already possible, with or without
>thread and the etherpad. 
>The original topic of this thread is _move_ to rocket, and the title of
>etherpad is to find an IM that suits people best. So either you want to
>switch, then the cornerns of the people mentioned are fully valid, or
>don't, then you already have everything and the whole thing is

The topic is what it is because of how it started but the etherpad is still 
useful. Even if more bridges are available, maybe it is possible to choose one 
of them as primary or preferred, where invest in terms of client or support on 
the server side or whatever. 



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