Dear KDE Community,

As some of you may know, tomorrow is "I <3 Free Software Day" - a campaign
ran by FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) every year on Valentine's Day.

The point of this campaign is to show appreciation and gratitude to our
favorite contributors, highlight what we love about our favorite Free
Software, and generally spread positive vibes in our FOSS communities.

To celebrate "I <3 Free Software Day 2018" as a community, we invite you
all to share your stories and images reflecting everything you love about

For example, you could write about your most-loved KDE software and why you
adore it so much, or pen a personalized "thank you" note to KDE
contributors you admire, or explain how, when, and why the love story
between you and the KDE Community started.

Don't worry - those stories don't have to be "perfect". Just write them in
your own words, and we'll take care of cleaning them up later. ;)

If you're not a fan of writing, you can send us photos of your pets wearing
KDE-themed costumes :), a desktop wallpaper that shows how much you love
KDE, or a Valentine's Day-themed artwork of Konqi and Katie.

Of course, if you have more ideas for messages or artwork you could create,
go ahead and share them!

Send your submissions to this mailing list, and make sure to note if you
don't want us to use your real name when crediting you for the submission.

We'll use your submissions to create stories for social media and the Dot,
so you will directly contribute to spreading KDE love.

Big thanks to all those who join us in this campaign!

With love <3,

Your devoted KDE Promo Team

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