Hey folks :)

As you might have seen on the Dot
or heard in-person at Akademy: The vote for the new goals has
concluded and we have 3 new goals. They are:
* Consistency proposed by Niccolò Venerandi: As KDE and KDE's software
have grown over many years a lot of inconsistencies have crept in.
It's time to iron them out and make our software more consistent. Read
more at https://phabricator.kde.org/T11093
* Wayland by Fanis Bampaloukas: We will accelerate our move to Wayland
to make sure we're building on modern technology and pave the way for
new important developments like better support for touchscreens, input
methods (emojis anyone?!) and hybrid form factors. Read more here:
* All about the apps proposed by Jonathan Riddell: We will pay more
attention to the applications that make up so much of our work and
ensure that users can learn about and get to them easily. Read more
here: https://phabricator.kde.org/T11117

I love the results the first round of goals got us and how it moved
the KDE community forward. Thank you to everyone who helped make them
happen - especially the goal keepers <3

As for next steps: We will have a BoF at Akademy later today and I
will be working with the new goal keepers on how to move forward with
each of the new goals.


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