On viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2019 11:02:44 (CEST) Jens wrote:
> So recent discussions about Climate Strike raised some very good points
> about what KDE as a community can do to decrease its footprint. I want
> to thank Friedrich for raising them.
> Personally I think this is a rather fun focus for design, community
> work and development (and I should probably have thought about it
> faster so it could have been squished into the goals voting/suggesting
> - but such is life) and just want to toss some ideas around if others
> are interested
> Community ideas:
> Making a clear statement that carbon footprint in travel will be a
> factor in travel support from the eV. Basically we know that there is
> zero possibility for some to choose, say trains (train from India or
> across the Atlantic is not feasible), but adding that as a part of the
> application process; "choose best transport with ecology and
> environment in mind" can go a long way and for larger events asking
> organizers to look up alternatives and present them as part of the "how
> to get to X" page (much of this is already done of course but
> formalizing it would be awesome).
> Decentralized and Online community events. Now I think we all know the
> value of meeting IRL, how important that is and how it can't be
> replaced, but I would love to explore how we can make online or smaller
> co-run events more interesting. Basically trying to time several
> smaller local events with each other and do some broadcast of talks and
> a way for each event to be able to ask questions of the others talks
> (as if they where there). Evaluate and check how we can make social
> events but online sort of.
> Improve our internal social communication. This sounds a bit guache but
> I think looking at how we can make the forum/social media angle more
> attractive, perhaps more formal, might help the wider community feel a
> part without having to travel to large events (which beyond ecological
> impact is often impossible for many, for various reasons)
> Technical Ideas:
> Look at Plasma and applications energy consumption - and I know it is a
> piss in the ocean but its several pisses in the ocean - and how to
> either improve that further or create systems to minimize energy
> consumption or creating something to more clearly and accessibly show
> energy consumption and suggestions to improve it.
> Publish our own energy consumption and carbon footprint in regards to
> servers etc (Ben Cooksley posted a link and perhaps a clear write up on
> the subject would be cool?), and mention/formalize our own commitment
> to it.
> A closer relationship with Fairphone and Postmarket OS. So, from what I
> can gather have a pretty good relationship with Postmarket OS (via
> Plasma Mobile), perhaps explore that with regards to Fairphone together
> with them? Explore hardware vendors who try to minize their ecological
> impact and see if we can either do things with them - OR do things
> aimed at their hardware?
> (Please note: I am not as technically adept as most here so y'all
> probably have way better ideas than me on this subject)
> What do you think?
> /Jens

This sounds like it should be put in a task, worked on a bit and formalised 
later in our documentation (Wiki?). It is brilliant first step and I, for one, 
appreciate and support it.

Thanks for that, Jens.

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