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> On viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2019 11:02:44 (CEST) Jens wrote:
> > So recent discussions about Climate Strike raised some very good points
> > about what KDE as a community can do to decrease its footprint. I want
> > to thank Friedrich for raising them.
> >
> > Personally I think this is a rather fun focus for design, community
> > work and development (and I should probably have thought about it
> > faster so it could have been squished into the goals voting/suggesting
> > - but such is life) and just want to toss some ideas around if others
> > are interested
> >
> > Community ideas:
> > Making a clear statement that carbon footprint in travel will be a
> > factor in travel support from the eV. Basically we know that there is
> > zero possibility for some to choose, say trains (train from India or
> > across the Atlantic is not feasible), but adding that as a part of the
> > application process; "choose best transport with ecology and
> > environment in mind" can go a long way and for larger events asking
> > organizers to look up alternatives and present them as part of the "how
> > to get to X" page (much of this is already done of course but
> > formalizing it would be awesome).
> > Decentralized and Online community events. Now I think we all know the
> > value of meeting IRL, how important that is and how it can't be
> > replaced, but I would love to explore how we can make online or smaller
> > co-run events more interesting. Basically trying to time several
> > smaller local events with each other and do some broadcast of talks and
> > a way for each event to be able to ask questions of the others talks
> > (as if they where there). Evaluate and check how we can make social
> > events but online sort of.

Randa was so great for that. Sadly we can't get that particular house, but
perhaps someplace like the Linuxhotel? And yes, with some streaming of
talks so that those who can't attend can still participate.

> Improve our internal social communication. This sounds a bit guache but
> > I think looking at how we can make the forum/social media angle more
> > attractive, perhaps more formal, might help the wider community feel a
> > part without having to travel to large events (which beyond ecological
> > impact is often impossible for many, for various reasons)

Jonathan Riddell has volunteered to set up Discourse for us, to test as a
replacement for the KDE Forums, and perhaps for our mail lists as well.
Those who are interested in this should check out
https://phabricator.kde.org/T11675. It may take awhile because of the
Identity issue, but there is hope!

> > Technical Ideas:
> > Look at Plasma and applications energy consumption - and I know it is a
> > piss in the ocean but its several pisses in the ocean - and how to
> > either improve that further or create systems to minimize energy
> > consumption or creating something to more clearly and accessibly show
> > energy consumption and suggestions to improve it.

My 6-year-old Dell is running the latest, no problem! The only boost to it
I did was replace the failed old HD/SSD with a new SSD.

> Publish our own energy consumption and carbon footprint in regards to
> > servers etc (Ben Cooksley posted a link and perhaps a clear write up on
> > the subject would be cool?), and mention/formalize our own commitment
> > to it.

Yes please.

> A closer relationship with Fairphone and Postmarket OS. So, from what I
> > can gather have a pretty good relationship with Postmarket OS (via
> > Plasma Mobile), perhaps explore that with regards to Fairphone together
> > with them? Explore hardware vendors who try to minize their ecological
> > impact and see if we can either do things with them - OR do things
> > aimed at their hardware?
> >
> > (Please note: I am not as technically adept as most here so y'all
> > probably have way better ideas than me on this subject)
> >
> > What do you think?
> >
> > /Jens
> This sounds like it should be put in a task, worked on a bit and
> formalised
> later in our documentation (Wiki?). It is brilliant first step and I, for
> one,
> appreciate and support it.
> Thanks for that, Jens.
> Paul

Yay! The e.V. has been discussing a policy for the e.V. itself, but a
community-led effort would support that amazingly well. This is our future
we're discussing. I have a grandson, age 11. We are creating the world
he'll live in. I think we can help.


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