On Saturday, 9 November 2019 01:02:01 CET Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of the more smaller things that Sysadmin currently looks after is
> a large number of legacy compatibility redirects, which keep a variety
> of subdomains under KDE.org functional.
> For the most part these refer to dead projects, and have been legacy
> compatibility redirects for many years (5+) now.
> Given that sites should have now had a chance to update themselves,
> i'd like to go ahead and remove a number of these redirects.
> These redirects, whilst appearing relatively minor in nature, do
> require a certain degree of custom logic on the server side to handle
> them and therefore collectively create maintenance burden that in many
> cases probably outweighs the value they provide.
> We therefore should only retain them if there are places we are still
> unable to update which someone may need to follow (and not simply
> because 'somewhere might still link there') given that most people
> find things through their preferred search engine now.
> Below are a list of all the redirect candidates:

I checked the PIM related ones with lxr and local grepping:

> kmail.kde.org


> kmobiletools.kde.org

product long dead, redirects to external parking site?

> korganizer.kde.org

redirects to dead link, lxr still finds one reference

> korganizer.org

unused, redirects to dead link

> pim.kde.org

lxr finds a few alive references that we probably should adjust before 
disabling this

> kdepim.org
> kdepim.com

both unused apparently

> akregator.kde.org

lxr still finds one reference for this, but it seems to redirect to an empty 
wiki page

> Any comments?
> I'd also like to be able to recommend to the KDE e.V. Board that we
> permit kdepim.org, kdepim.com and korganizer.org to expire at the end
> of their current registration period.

No objections to that.


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