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Hi Christoph,

> >> perhaps this would be some good BoF at Akademy:
> >>
> >> What is needed to move frameworks development to invent.kde.org.
> >>
> >> (I assume we want to do that some when in the future anyways)
> >
> > At this point my planning expected that Frameworks would move when the
> > rest of KDE moves (which will likely be a massive migration that
> > happens in very quick succession once everything is ready).
> is there some timeline known when this might happen?
> And is there some help needed to handle the transition?

At the moment the timeline is dependent on three pre-requisites being fulfilled.
Those are:
1) Completion of the replacement to our anongit system
2) Completion of the Identity <-> Gitlab sync component, to ensure
changes to group (as well as people's names and email addresses)
3) Finalisation of the process to import all our existing repositories
into Gitlab

At this time, the replacement anongit system is partially written,
with some parts still left to finish. With regards to the Identity
sync, that has been fully planned, but no code has been written yet.

The importing of the repositories is the simplest of the three items
to put together, and has also been fully planned (the actual creation
of the repositories and importing their contents is part of Gitlab's
core functionality, we just have to provide an file system
representation of how the repositories are to be laid out). Part of
this also required preparing a plan on how the repositories will be
structured (layout wise) on Gitlab - which has also been completed.

> Btw., thanks already for all the work you and others did on improving
> our infrastructure!
> Greetings
> Christoph


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