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  In D28033#627184 <>, @cblack wrote:
  > In D28033#627180 <>, @davidre 
  > > I would love if we could find a way to show that the item is expandable
  > I would probably use a pointing down arrow without a stem when collapsed, 
and pointing up when open.
  Makes sense to me. Where would the arrow go though?
  In D28033#627186 <>, @niccolove 
  > Strongly agree on having a single component. By the way, all these lists 
have the issue that the button only appearing on hover is very 
touch-unfriendly. This does not have to be addressed in this patch, but it 
having it implemented in only one place makes it much easier to fix.
  Yeah, I could have the highlight remain in place if Qt detects that the click 
was actually a touch, and then the button would appear when the list item it 
  However the expanded view itself is not very touch-friendly since the 
individual list items are really too short to be easily touchable.

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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