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  In D26342#675142 <>, @dfaure wrote:
  > This actually breaks language auto-detection for me in the KMail composer.
  > Testcase:
  > - New Mail
  > - I type "Bonjour," in the body
  >   Before: It's detected as French and not underlined as a typo
  >   After: The language remains English, and the word is underlined as a typo
  >   Workaround: Tools / Spelling / change language from English to French
  >   Too bad I'm realizing this is the reason for the regression only today 
(day of 5.71 release) by looking at the KF-5.71 changelog :(
  I don't think that's a regression, in the previous behavior you could try to 
set any language to proofread, it would always auto-detect "Bonjour" as French, 
thus the "Tools / Spelling / change language" had not effect if autodetect was 
enabled at system level (while autodetection should be an application or even 
case by case decision).
  It may not seem like an issue for simple cases, but actually for mixed 
contents (i.e. an email that is 50% French, 50% English) that would be detected 
as English, you would have no way at all to check the French text without 
disabling system-wide autodectection.
  Calling setAutoDetectLanguageDisabled(false) restores the previous behavior

  R246 Sonnet


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