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> >
> > If an application was relying on the random application sequence, it
> > probably has bigger problems.
> Why? It's exactly what KRandomSequence (and QRandomGenerator) promise to do.
> And at least on KPat this is really useful.
> You can directly seed the random generator from the "Create new game" UI, so 
> if there's a bug found in say game 1232145345, you can tell me that and then 
> everyone can reproduce that bug since starting game 1232145345 gives everyone 
> the same random numbers.
> Cheers,
>   Albert

As I read it, the only thing that could change is that KRandomSequence
and QRandomGenerator will produce different outputs for the same seed
value because the underlying PRNG may be different. So that might
introduce a backwards incompatible change if you rely on the output of
the sequence remaining stable between two versions of KPat. However,
seeding it with a fixed value and then consuming the sequence should
remain fully reproducible between two instances of the *same* KPat


- Johan

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