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  I see two issues that imo should be addressed:
  1. Please add a test case in autotest/input/ or extend it if one already 
exists (did you run make test?)
  2. How does it work, are we supposed to run this command from time to time 
manually? If so, then I'd be ok with that.
  3. How high is the maintenance burden over time: I understand that this 
should this, but given we have a yaml file that needs to be maintained 
manually, I wonder whether we simply move the maintenance from one place to 
another and additionally introduce complexity (in terms of additional tooling) 
one first needs to understand before being able to fix things.
  4. The kateversion is back to 2.4 and hard-coded colors are used again. 
Previously, it was set to 5.0, and used already the newly introduced default 
styles. I strongly suggest to keep the new default styles - we purposefully 
changed this some time ago, and I dislike that fact that we go a step back here.

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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