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  Looking at the Qt docs, we see:
  > Call QWidget::updateGeometry() whenever the size hint, minimum size hint or 
size policy changes. This will cause a layout recalculation.
  To decide whether this is also meaningful for a squeezable label, a testcase 
would be good, though. Might even be a totally different issue.
  In fact, I tried adding a test for this when implementing the autotests in 
https://phabricator.kde.org/D7163 last week already, but got stuck:
  - What is the size policy of the containing widget?
  - How to enter the initial squeezed state?
  - If the text is already squeezed, is the label actually supposed to change 
geometry if the text changes?
  - What is exactly misbehaving, i.e. what is the expected and what is the 
observed behaviour?
  - How to test updateGeometry() (vs. adjustSize(), which seems to call 
sizeHint() directly)?
  Not sure if this helps, but hopefully we'll figure it out eventually.
  TL;DR: Could not reproduce, but fix might still be correct.


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