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  > > While I think you have a point here, KFileMetaData sticked to singular 
names before, e.g. author, where also multiple persons are possible. So I think 
we should keep that behavior.
  > We're stuck with that. Nevertheless, it's wrong IMO. All I'm saying is: 
Before simply repeat this error, let's give it some thought.
  Well, if we would go to plurals, it would be wrong the other way if there are 
only single entries . Also, I think the properties don't have to plural, they 
are internal. The labels of them should adjust for the singular or plural case. 
That said, I don't think we can achieve that without breaking the programming 
interface, so we're stuck with that.
  >> To be honest, I don't know which tooltip you mean. Can you post a picture? 
Is this an option I have to switch on?
  > Configure Dolphin > General > Show Tooltips
  >  Currently tooltips are a little broken. see D9973 
  Okay, so here is a screenshot. Looks not so nice with lots of entries. Imho 
there should be a maximum number of properties, and a scrollbar should be used 
if that threshold is exceeded.
  F5736836: Screenshot_20180302_205701.png 
  >> I think it behaves quite well and reasonable with many tags as it shows a 
scrollbar. I don't think that there is a better solution.
  > I haven't tested this. So I don't really know. And you're probably right. I 
forgot that the choice of properties depends on the file type. A screenshot of 
the dialog would be nice (large enough to display everthing).
  The infopanel looks perfectly fine:
  F5736838: Screenshot_20180302_204919.png 
  >>> 1. The property names should be choosen to be as generic as possible to 
make them reusable by other file types.
  >> I went through the properties again and only found that we might want to 
use the "generator" property instead of a new "encodedby" property. Do you have 
any other suggestion?
  > Not yet. To illustrate what I'm thinking of:
  >  Conductor and Director (of a Movie) are analogous. It would be nice to 
have a term covering both. . Ditto Lyricist and Screenwriter, and maybe more.
  >  I don't know if that is possible - at least I have no idea yet. We should 
just give it some (more) thought.
  >  Or the other way around: 
  >  I find the distinction between 'Release Year' for media and 'Creation 
Date' (which should correctly be 'Publication Date') in for EBooks annoying and 
confusing. We should not repeat that, if possible.
  I agree that we should think that through. Once committed, we're stuck with 
that for the time being. In this specific case, I would actually argue that the 
conductor and director are different. Imho there is only limited potential to 
find tags that work for everything. Video, Music, text etc. are different after 
  > The property names are important for searching with baloo. Everything comes 
together here. (I'll elaborate this on demand)
  >  The code you are working on exemplifies pretty well, that everybody is 
brewing his own soup when is comes to metadata and tags. And this is only 
  >  I'm not saying you're doing this. But instead of just throwing in what is 
there we should agree on a concept how KDE is handling metadata. This is not 
the place to discuss that, though. I haven't this much thought yet it's  just a 
feeling we might get into trouble in the future.
  We pretty much have to cope with whats available out there in the wild as de 
facto standard. We're only consumers here.


> michaelh wrote in taglibextractortest.cpp:82
> Just a hint: The code would be easier to read if the title of the sample file 
> was
> 'I love you so much' or 'Desaster will come' just not the same as the propery 
> name. (Same for most of the props below)

Hmm, I disagree since they are simple and they don't leave room for ambiguity

> michaelh wrote in taglibextractor.cpp:132
> Lyrics are not metadata. Unless a song is about itself ;-)

But they are commonly stored as metadata tags in the audio file.

> michaelh wrote in properties.h:302
> Could you give an example for what 'opus' is describing?

> michaelh wrote in properties.h:307
> Could you give an example for what 'label' is describing?

  R286 KFileMetaData


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