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  Phew, what a conversation!
  For the issue of the rating, perhaps we could sync the tag metadata with the 
baloo metadata, if the baloo rating metadata is already empty. I might even go 
so far as to overwrite the baloo rating metadata with the tag rating metadata; 
I can't think of a use case for wanting to maintain two separate rating values 
for the same file. And it would be really cool to be able to see and manipulate 
the rating in Dolphin, and have that rating reflected in your music player.
  For the issue of singular vs plural, is baloo-widgets smart enough to 
conditionally display a plural form of the string when there are multiple 
entries (e.g 
  "performer: X"; "performers X, Y, Z")? Could we make it smart enough? If not, 
let's stick with singular to avoid making our lives too difficult for now.
  For the issue of Dolphin's Tooltip, perhaps we should make it become 
multi-row when there's a huge amount of content, or the font size should 
automatically reduce in size. Or maybe the tooltip should only display content 
from among a curated selection of tags that we deem to be the most important, 
and we can rely on the Information panel using used to access the full set
  > Let's remove all the undecided stuff and land this one quickly for the 
benefit of everybody. Do you agree ?

  R286 KFileMetaData


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