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  So this is weird. I thought this patch fixes those KCMs, because I //can/ get 
them into a fixed state, but it doesn't persist afte4r a reboot. Steps to 
  - Start with no scale factor
  - Open System Settings > Display & Monitor > Display > Scale and turn on 1.3x 
  - Restart system settings (and optionally KWin, to get bigger titlebars
  - Navigate to L&f KCM. **It looks amazing!* F5752524: L&F looks amazing after 
restarting system settings, but not the whole machine.png 
  - Reboot the machine
  - Navigate to L&f KCM again.**Text is once again ugly and pixellated, boo!**
  Either way, that's probably a separate issue that I'll have to dig into later.

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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