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  In D11993#241607 <>, @cfeck wrote:
  > I vaguely remember there was some code to delay resizing of the columns 
until all items were loaded for performance reasons. Please check the commit 
history before deleting code.
  File history during the frameworks era:
  File history during the kdelibs era:
  Here's the commit from 2007 that added most of the code we're proposing to 
  Apparently the goal was to allow the columns to remain resizable before all 
the items had loaded. A bit of an odd goal, and I'm not able to reproduce the 
issue in my slow VM. Apparently hardware has become a bit faster in the past 11 
years. :)
  Of note: while digging, I found multiple commits that were attempting, 
unsuccessfully, to fix the problem that this patch fixes. It'll be nice to 
finally have it done. Overall, the spelunking expedition has made me more 
confident that this patch is sane.

  R241 KIO



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