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> michaelh wrote in fsutils.cpp:111
> I agree completely and followed your suggestion. Currently I'm stuck, though. 
> Using Solid to obtain the  accessibilty info of volumes and network shares, 
> it seems only `Solid::Block` provides the `major` and `minor` properties 
> needed to map to `deviceId`. But network shares don't implement Block.  :-/ 
> Any ideas? Maybe that is the reason why BalooEngine isn't using Solid?

Which is good, as the device id is completely bogus, and changes dependent on 
mount order.

Also the inode is not generally stable for at least smb, as not every server 
supports inodes exported from the server, and can not when several server 
filesystems are exported as a single share.

baloo on network shares will likely never work.

  R293 Baloo


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