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  The first question is - why should we use pointers at all (raw, 
std::unique_ptr, QScopedPointer, ...) for objects **with local only scope**.
  The typical answer is Inheritance, see e.g.
  A `Base` pointer can be used to hold an instance of `Base`, `DerivedA` or 
  If the exact **type is known and the object has local scope**, I don't know 
**any** reason to allocate the object on the heap. Allocating on the heap is 
just pointless overhead.
  Even when the **scope is not local**, but the type is known, it is often 
useful to allocate the object on the stack and extend its scope using the 
constructor. This applies to any d-pointer classes, where the copy constructur 
is hardly more expensive than a move constructor (all of Qts implicitly shared 
classes), or where we have a move constructor in the first place.

  R286 KFileMetaData

  plugin-simple (branched from master)


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