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  In D12130#245826 <>, @rkflx wrote:
  > > If necessary I can make the string return to "Filter" for these 
save-with-filter dialogs, but I'm still left wondering what the feature is 
actually for or if Kate is affected by a bug that should be fixed...
  > You absolutely should return to "Filter" for this case (even though I agree 
that for most dialogs it does not make sense), because this is 
application-defined behaviour which you don't know a thing about.
  I might need some help with this. It seems that the apps whose save dialogs 
show a combobox in place of a filter list are creating a `QDialog` and setting 
the Mime types list with `QDialog::setMimeTypeFilter()`. I haven't yet managed 
to figure out how this call is intercepted and replaced with a KFileDialog, or 
how KFileDialog can detect that there's a combobox of MIME types instead of a 
filter widget.
  In D12130#245826 <>, @rkflx wrote:
  > > in a new user account
  > That's a bit pointless in this case, why would you let your reviewers jump 
through such hoops…
  Not sure what you mean?

  R241 KIO


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