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  > And up? Well, it's twice in there already. You have the breadcrumb bar 
which allows you to go up.
  Not if you are in Edit mode (see bug for discussion). Also note that e.g. 
openSUSE even patches Dolphin to provide Up by default (and I would suggest 
this as they way forward as well, i.e. adding it in Dolphin instead of removing 
it in the file dialog).
  > how often do you use back?
  It's not about us, but about regular users. For them it is reassuring to go 
back to the previous state when they misclicked on a directory. And having the 
corresponding Forward then makes it pretty clear that it is a web browser-like 
navigation, and not some kind of "show the previous dialog" thing known from 
mobile devices. Let's keep consistency with Dolphin here.
  > Refresh on the other hand is something i use relatively often, more then 
any of the other buttons.
  Curious to know: What do you need Refresh for? Maybe there's need for some 
changes so you won't have to hit that button manually so often?

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