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  > In D12218#247400 <>, @markg wrote:
  > > As i said, it's all relative. I barely use any of the buttons but the one 
i do use is refresh.
  > >  I only need it when i'm impatient (for instance when wanting to click on 
a file that is still being copied)
  > Not really a valid use case; KDirWatcher should update the view for you 
automatically, and there's no practical benefit to mashing the reload button. 
The button isn't there to facilitate OCD. :) To do that, just hit [F5]. :)
  Not valid? I'd remove all those buttons on the left side except for refresh :)
  >> or when i'm browsing a slow network drive.
  > The Reload functionality is still available via the [F5] as well as the 
context menu. Are those not enough for this use case? And how common is this, 
really? I'm not sure that "file manipulation from the open/save dialog on a 
slow network drive" is a common enough use case to justify taking up space in 
an extremely constrained UI to show a button for reloading the view, especially 
once that functionality is available via another GUI method too (it's always 
available via [F5].
  > Ultimately the pressure here will be reduced by making the toolbar 
editable, so people who really want a visible Reload button can have one. But 
until then, we need to ask ourselves whether the //general user// benefits from 
having this button always visible, more than he or she might benefit from 
having something or more general usefulness visible in the toolbar (e.g. a 
dropdown menu button that exposes sorting options).
  I find refresh (much) more important then the preview toggle (that should 
imho be under the settings thingy, not as it's own button).
  Removing refresh is a mistake in my opinion.
  Note that F5 <> is for some users FN + F5 
<> in case the user prefers to use the "FN" 
functions (in my case that is true on one keyboard where the volume keys are 
hidden under F8, F9 and F10). That's not an argument to either keep or remove 
it, but just to show that refresh doesn't always have to be a one-key thing. 
But i consider that to be a "it's your own fault" case as the user then 
knowingly chose this.
  But perhaps we need more opinions.

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